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We produce unique and eye-catching 2D Furnished Floor Plans

When you place your architecture project on the real estate market, you are aware that from the moment of its publication until the act of sale, it is constantly threatened by the presence of “structurally” similar listings.

At this point, it all depends on the communication strategy that you, unlike your competitors, choose to put in place to convince your possible customers!

By attaching Furnished Floor Plans of your project to your for-sale listings, you can present the full potential of your spaces, often not so obvious when communicating through technical drawings or anonymous photographs of unfurnished spaces!

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2D Furnished Floor Plans for Real Estate Marketing

Furnished Floor Plans, or “2D Floor Plans,” are the perfect graphic solution to stimulate your customers’ imaginations. With a home staging service taken care of down to the smallest detail, you will be able to tell more clearly about all the design potential that you yourself have managed to capture, making your audience participate!

Archivision Studio, every day, creates unique 2D Furnished Floor Plans to enhance the real estate marketing of companies, real estate agencies and professionals.

Digital content to communicate your project

Taking care of every graphic aspect related to the representation of your architectural spaces in the smallest details and proportions, we at Archivision Studio take care of making 2D Furnished Floor Plans for the benefit of better promotion and communication of your real estate sales listings.

We create adaptable digital content for every need, which you can use for web, social or catalog campaigns.

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Maximum Clarity

Don't let the communication of your projects depend on technical plans alone! Often the latter proving unclear and difficult to read in the eyes of clients unfamiliar with architectural language.

Furnished Floor Plans are perfect visual content to impress and clearly convey the project.

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Real Estate Marketing

Customize your Furnished Floor Plans by drawing inspiration from your brand's graphic design. Make your architectural projects unique and easily recognizable in the marketplace.

By including a 2D Floor Plan that is true to the proportions of your space, you will allow your clients to imagine all the possibilities for managing individual rooms. In addition, with this content, you will improve the placement of your sales ads

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Architectural Presentations

You will be able to include within your sales brochures the respective Furnished Floor Plans for reference.

You will therefore have graphic content to support the technical presentations of your projects: an additional service capable of attracting the attention and curiosity of new potential clients!


It only takes four simple steps to turn your project into a great sale



Describe your request in detail by emailing, calling, or visiting us in Castiglione.

You will be contacted very quickly to clarify design details.

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We get in touch via email, phone or even skype to define the highlights of the project.

We set up the basic design and define the graphic style to be adopted.



You will be provided progressively with drafts of all plans.

This way you can take action and request any corrections/changes to the project.



Once compliance with the drafts is achieved, we produce the final drafts, and email them out in agreed formats.

Simple and Fast.

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